Damaged Photo Gallery ----April 2003

I thought I had better put a few words together with this Gallery.
Fitting the DOHC engine in a standard 2B chassis does not allow for the Sierra Bonnet catch to be utilised as in the RH tapes, so I had to devise an alternative. Unfortunately I failed to latch the bonnet down properly after a late night session in the garage --- and the following day took it out for a spin with the wife in the passenger seat. The first 5 or 6 miles were fine, until we went over the brow of a hill, where the wind got under the bonnet and it reared up. We hit the central barrier ( wire not Armco) of the dual carriageway at about 60 mph, slid down the wire, taking out more than a few posts, but came to rest facing the right direction. We were both severely bruised but basically unstrapped and climbed out. The Insurance Assessors Engineers report, because it was a kit car declared it to be dameged /repairable - So I repaired it !!


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006 RH2B 007 RH2B 008 RH2B5 009 RH2B_1 010 looking sad_2
006 RH2B.jpg 007 RH2B.jpg 008 RH2B5.jpg 009 RH2B_1.jpg 010 looking sad_2.jpg
011 RH2B_3 012 RH2B 014 RH2B 015 RH2B 017 wheelsoff_4
011 RH2B_3.jpg 012 RH2B.jpg 014 RH2B.jpg 015 RH2B.jpg 017 wheelsoff_4.jpg